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Final Exam Scheduled During the Student's Graduation Ceremony

Any student whose name is on the approved degree list who has a conflict between a final exam scheduled by the Registrar and a University-sanctioned commencement ceremony may reschedule their final examination for another time, agreed to by the Instructor of Record, during the final examination period. The notice to reschedule must be given to the class instructor no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled examination.

Take-Home Final Exams

In cases of take-home final examinations, students shall not be required to return the completed examination before the end of the regularly scheduled examination period. 

Three Final Exams Scheduled on the Same Day

Any student with more than two final examinations scheduled on any one date shall be entitled to have the examination for the class with the highest catalog number rescheduled at another time during the final examination period. In case this highest number is shared by more than one course, the one whose departmental prefix is first alphabetically will be rescheduled. The option to reschedule must be exercised in writing to the appropriate Instructor of Record or their designee two weeks prior to the last class meeting.

If a conflict is created by rescheduling of an examination, the student shall be entitled to take the rescheduled examination at another time during the final examination period.

Scheduling of Final Exams

If an instructor is administering a final examination, and he or she is requiring students to take the exam in a particular place at a particular time, then he or she must administer the exam during the examination period scheduled by the Registrar.

An instructor may allow students less than the full period scheduled by the Registrar to complete the final examination, but he or she must inform the students at least two weeks before the start of the examination how much time they will have to complete the examination (one week in advance for winter intersession and summer session).