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Students should become very familiar with each course's syllabus.  The syllabus contains the information needed to be successful in the course.

The Administrative Regulations state that all students must be informed in writing of the course content and other matters listed in this rule at no cost to the student. Students have the right to be informed in writing (in the course syllabus) about the nature of the course, including the content, the activities to be evaluated, and the grading practice to be followed. The course syllabus shall provide information to students regarding any factors used in determining grades (e.g. absences, required interactions, and late assignments). Syllabi may be posted electronically but must be shared with students by the third day of the fall and spring semesters, or, for compressed courses and courses in the summer session and winter intersession, by the first day of the course. Electronically posted syllabi must remain available to students for the entire term.

Course syllabi must address a series of required components and include Academic Policy Statements. Syllabi for undergraduate and graduate courses must also include rules regarding academic offenses for undergraduate and graduate students.