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The rules in Senate Rule 6.4 are binding upon all persons and groups mentioned in the Rules. Instructors who impose penalties for academic offenses without following these rules are violating the due-process rights of students. Instructors, administrators, and the Appeals Board do not have the authority to impose penalties less than the minimum prescribed by these rules. Deadlines may be extended by mutual agreement of the involved parties. 

If the academic offense involves research and/or extramural funding, the administrative regulation for handling the offense is outlined in Administrative Regulation 7:1.

Please be advised that prior to the Instructor making a determination, the student has the right to meet with the Instructor and the Chair (see SRs and  Additionally, students have the right to continue in their programs during the consideration of any appeal (see SR 6.1.7).  Students who have committed an offense in any course may not withdraw (see SR