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How the Hearings are Scheduled

Hearings are scheduled when the Academic Ombud forwards a case to the Hearing Officer of the Appeals Board.  The Academic Ombud will assemble a packet of information for the Appeals Board.  The student and faculty will also receive a copy of this same information from Academic Ombud Services.

The goal is that the case documents are sent to the Appeals Board panel at least one week in advance of the hearing with at least one weekend available to review the materials.  The case documents are sent only to those panel members who will hear the case.

The Hearing Officer circulates possible time slots for conducting the hearing to the pool of members of the Appeals Board to ascertain which slot would yield a quorum.  When a suitable time slot has been identified, the appealing student and other parties to the appeal, e.g., involved faculty, department chair, etc., are notified of the date, time, and location.