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Decisions by the Appeals Board

A simple majority vote is required to decide a case.

The Appeals Board generally makes the decision on the same day as the hearing.  The Chair attempts to notify the student, via email, the same day. Shortly thereafter, an official decision letter will be mailed to the student with a copy to the faculty member.

The Administrative Regulations require that the student, complainants (e.g., instructor, chair, responsible deans), and the Academic Ombud are notified.  If the decision requires a change to the student’s transcript, the Registrar is notified.  If a penalty of suspension or a harsher penalty was recommended initially, the Hearing Officer will also notify the Provost.

The appeal can be denied and the grade originally awarded stands. The appeal can be upheld and the grade can be changed to another letter grade (A, B, C, D, E or F) or a grade of P as well as a W can be assigned.

A grade of P has no affect on a student’s GPA.  The general rule at UK is that a course required for one’s degree curriculum cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis; only electives may be taken on a pass/fail basis. However, if the grade of P was assigned by the University Appeals Board for a required course, that course will count toward graduation requirements, including core and major requirements.

If the Appeals Board determines a student’s grade should be changed, the Hearing Officer sends a copy of the decision letter to the University Registrar with a request that the student’s transcript be modified in accordance with the decision of the Appeals Board.

After the hearing, the Hearing Officer retains one set of the appeal documents for the University’s official records.  All other copies are destroyed.  If the hearing occurred in person, all hard copy documents remain in the hearing room and are shredded immediately after the hearing.

There is no appeal beyond the University Appeals Board.  The decision of the University Appeals is final.