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How to Prepare for a Hearing

The rules specifically authorize that, with certain exceptions, students may continue attending class while an appeal is pending.

The hearing is informal.  It is not necessary to get ‘dressed up.’  Casual office attire is appropriate.

The student or faculty member may meet with the Hearing Officer of the Appeals Board in advance of the hearing to review the flow of the hearing.  This is encouraged.  The Appeals Board does not have an office on campus.  All activities are conducted from the faculty office of the Hearing Officer who is Chair of the Appeals Board.

The student and faculty member should bring any and all documents related to the issues, e.g., syllabi, copies of tests, quizzes, papers, email chains, etc.  In short, anything and everything one thinks might have bearing on the issue at hand.

At least five calendar days before the hearing, the student and faculty must:

  • inform the Hearing Officer if they plan to bring to the hearing witnesses who have direct knowledge of the situation under appeal,
  • inform the Hearing Officer if they plan to bring to the hearing a representative or support person, and
  • provide to the Hearing Officer any additional documentation they wish to present at the hearing.