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Academic Rights of Students

A fair and just evaluation of each student’s performance in each course that the student based on the standards listed in the course syllabus made available to all students on the first day of class.

A right to have an absence treated as excused when it meets the standard defined by the Senate Rules.  

A right to have no more than two final exams on the same day.

A right to notice and an informal meeting with the course instructor and department chair before a student is determined to have committed an academic offense. 

A right of appeal to the University Appeals Board to review the determination that a student has committed an academic offense and the penalty that was imposed for the violation if it is not the minimum penalty.

Students who believe their academic rights have been violated, for example by a lower final grade in a course, suspension or dismissal, have the right to appeal the decision to the University Appeals Board.

Students' Responsibilities

Students are responsible for learning the rules and regulations that govern academic life at the University, including the student's rights, responsibilities, degree and graduation requirements.  

Other responsibilities include:​

  1.  knowing and understanding the rules and regulations that govern their academic lives at the university;
  2. students are responsible for reading the course syllabus and understanding the course expectations;
  3. students are responsible for checking their UK email accounts on a regular basis;
  4. students are responsible for maintaining contact with the course instructor and informing him or her of issues affecting the student's coursework (e.g., to excuse an absence, students are required to inform the instructor and submit documentation, if required, no later than one week of the student's return to class); and

Each college and/or department will provide students with a handbook with which students should become familiar.  In addition, below are links to documents that also contain the rules and regulations that govern students' lives at the University:

Students should also become familiar with the Office of the Registrar's website which contains the UK Bulletin, Academic Calendar, a GPA Calculator, Tuition, Fees, and Tuition Appeal information, etc.  Another resource students may find helpful is their college's Student Handbook.