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Section 8.   Rules Relating to Schedule of Classes and the Catalogs

8.1 Changes in the Schedule of Classes

Any deviation from the published schedule of classes must be authorized by the dean of the college in which the change is to be made upon recommendation of the department chair. The dean shall report the change to the Registrar, who is responsible for publication of the class schedules. If the course is homed outside of a college, then the responsible dean is the officer appointed by the Provost, with concurrence of the Senate, to act as the responsible Dean of the course [US: 4/11/2022; 5/2/2022]

8.2 ​​​​​​Catalogs

With respect to fees, curricula, specific requirements for degrees, and other matters not covered in the Governing Regulations, the Administrative Regulations or the University Senate Rules, the Undergraduate Catalog and the Graduate Catalog shall govern. Collectively, the Undergraduate Catalog and the Graduate Catalog are referred to as "the University Catalogs."