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6.4.8 RECORDKEEPING AND REPORTING Recordkeeping In Case of Minor Offense

When the Registrar receives a copy of a letter of warning from an instructor to a student, pursuant to SR, the Registrar shall place the instructor's letter of warning in the student's record. If the student commits no offenses subsequently, then, after the student graduates, the Registrar shall reveal the existence of the offense to parties outside the University only under the following circumstances:

  1. when a court-ordered subpoena seeks a student's entire academic record (not just the transcript), or when it specifically seeks the record of a student's academic offenses;
  2. when the student has authorized the release of his or her record to a third party, and that party requests either a student's entire academic record (not just the transcript) or specifically the record of a student's academic offenses. In Case of Other Offenses

The Registrar shall record the following information in the student's permanent academic record after notification from the Academic Ombud or the Appeals Board that a student is not appealing a finding of an offense or has lost an appeal of such a finding: 1) name of student; 2) student identification number; 3) student's college; 4) course name and number and section number, if applicable; 5) approximate date of offense; 6) brief description of offense; 7) penalty imposed; and 8) date of imposition of penalty.