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5.3.1 Duplicate Credit

Prohibition of Duplicate Credit for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

A student may earn credit hours and associated quality points for a course only once unless the course is designated as repeatable. A student who nonetheless has enrolled more than once for the same nonrepeatable course will be awarded credit hours and associated quality points only for the first time the course is completed during the student’s academic career, regardless of the source (e.g. transfer, A.P., etc.) unless the student properly exercises the Repeat Option under SR 5.3.2.

  • *           The dean of a student’s college may elect to count the grades of subsequent attempts for selective admission purposes only, and not for calculating the grade point average (GPA) for graduation or any other purpose.
  • *           The Graduate Faculty Rules, as codified in the Graduate Catalog, concerning the repeat option are in force and must be applied by the Registrar to all students enrolled in particular graduate degree program, or while in postbaccalaureate status. [SREC: 10/25/2012]