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University-wide Navigation Common Examinations

If a student has a course scheduled at the same time as a common exam and the student has given written notice of the conflict to the instructor at least two weeks prior to the common exam, the student shall be entitled to an excused absence from the conflicting common examination. [US: 4/9/90]

Departments electing to give exams, other than final exams, in a course to all sections of the course at a common time shall be required to do the following:

  1. List the days of the month, week and the time at which the exam will be given in the official Schedule of Classes. [US: 1/12/90]
  2. Provide an opportunity for students missing such exams with an excused absence to make up the missed work.

Departments must adopt at least one of the following policies for administering common examinations or some alternate arrangement to be approved by the dean of the college in which the course is given:

  1. Provide a prime-time course section that does not participate in the common examinations.
  2. Give two examinations at widely disparate times. [US: 9/13/82; 2/12/90; 2/14/94]

A student enrolled in a course where a common exam is scheduled may also enroll in a class scheduled in the time slot of the common exam.

  • *           Any department giving a common examination must give a make-up exam or develop some other arrangement for students with excused absences to gain credit as if they had taken the common exam; a department may not apply a "drop the lowest score" policy to common exams missed with an excused absence. [SREC: 11/24/82; upheld by US: 2/13/83]