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If a student while on suspension violates any of the terms set forth in the nature of suspension, they shall be subject to further discipline in the form of dismissal. The penalty of suspension shall normally apply to semesters (or other academic terms as appropriate) following imposition of the penalty by the Office of the Provost. With the consent of the student and the dean of the college that offers the course in which the offense occurred, the Office of the Provost may fix an earlier date for suspension. In any case in which the suspension is imposed by the last day to drop a course, it shall apply to that semester, and the student shall be afforded a full refund of tuition. In case of any student who is graduating, the suspension shall apply to the final semester before scheduled graduation.

*  The “last day to drop a course” means “the last day to withdraw from a course and not have it appear on the transcript.” DISMISSAL

A student may be readmitted to the University only with the specified approval of the UAB and the Office of the Provost. They must be satisfied that the student has met any conditions that were specified by the UAB at the time of dismissal. Before making their decision, they should also consider whether the student has met conditions that were specified by the dean, the Office of the University Registrar or the Office of the Provost. EXPULSION

Expelled students shall not be readmitted except upon proving to the UAB that the findings of fact which formed the basis of the action were clearly erroneous.