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Pursuant to GR VII.E.3.c, the faculty of each college within the University and the faculty of the Graduate School shall establish some form of Student Advisory Council (SAC) to represent student opinion to the college faculty and administration on educational policy matters   pertinent to that college or school. [US: 4/10/2000]

The form for each SAC, as well as the areas of responsibility, shall be determined by the faculty of the college or school (GR VII.E.3.c and prescribed in its college Rules document (GR VII.E.3.b. Students themselves shall be responsible for the selection of SAC members by democratic process. Each Student Advisory Council shall keep records of its proceedings. The dean of each college or school shall forward the college faculty Rules on form and of areas of responsibility of the college’s SAC to the Provost. Pursuant to GR VII.E.3.B, these college Rules documents are filed with the Senate Council Office by the Provost when approved as being consistent with the University Senate Rules, which the Senate Council will confirm or otherwise be available to assist the Provost in making such determination.

Pursuant to GR VII.E.3.a, the faculty of each college or school may extend membership in the college faculty body, with or without voting privileges, to a student recommended by the college’s Student Advisory Council, who may also be extended the privilege to vote with the college’s faculty council or equivalent body on academic affairs. On matters that reach the University Senate or Senate Council for its action, for which the University Senate Rules require prior voting action by a college faculty or faculty council, that prior college faculty voting exercise shall provide for the inclusion of the vote of the above student representative. [US: 4/10/2000]