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University-wide Navigation Effect of Absences on Graded Interactions With Other Students

If the course syllabus does not require students to interact with other students, an instructor, or an instructor’s proxy, and if such interactions are not a criterion for a grade in the course, then the Instructor of Record shall not take any account of a student’s excused or unexcused absence from such interactions when assigning a grade. [US: 2/8/2016; 2/12/2018]

If the course syllabus requires students to interact with other students, an instructor, or an instructor’s proxy or if such required interactions are a criterion for a grade in the course, the following rules apply: Excused Absences From Required Interactions

If a student has excused absences for the dates and times associated with more than one-fifth of the required interactions for a course, the student shall have the right to receive a "W", or the Instructor of Record may award an “I” for the course if the student declines to receive a “W” [US: 2/9/1987; SREC: 11/20/1987; US: 2/8/2016; 2/12/2018].

  • *           “Required interactions” (SR, SR, and SR 9.1) are interactions that, if not completed at or by their specified date and time, would penalize a student in a course. Interactions may include, but are not limited to, student engagement with other students (e.g., participating in an in-class or online discussion), engagement with the instructor (e.g., attending class), or engagement with an instructor’s proxy (e.g., attending a guest lecture or uploading a file to the course management system) [US: 2/12/2018]. Excused Absences for Military Duties

[SC: 3/30/2020]

If a student is required to be absent for one-fifth or less of the required course interactions (e.g., class meetings) due to military duties, the following procedure shall apply

  1. Once a student is aware of a call to duty, the student shall provide a copy of the military orders to the Director of the Veterans Resource Center. The student shall also provide the Director with a list of their courses and instructors.
  2. The Director will verify the orders with the appropriate military authority, and on behalf of the military student, notify each Instructor of Record via Department Letterhead as to the known extent of the absence.
  3. The Instructor of Record shall not penalize the student’s absence in any way and shall provide accommodations and timeframes so that the student can make up missed assignments, quizzes, and tests in a mutually agreed upon manner.