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5.2.5 ACADEMIC STANDARDS Attendance & Completion of Assignments

For each course in which the student is enrolled, the student shall be expected to carry out all required work including laboratories and studios, and to take all examinations at the class period designated by the instructor.

Each instructor shall determine their policy regarding completion of assigned work, attendance in class, absences at announced or unannounced examinations, and excused absences in excess of one-fifth of class contact hours (see SR below). This policy shall be presented in writing to each class at its first or second meeting. Students' failure to comply with the announced policy may result in appropriate reductions in grade as determined by the Instructor of Record. [US: 11/11/85; US: 2/9/87]

  • *           It is compliant with the Senate Rules for an Instructor of Record to have a policy (stated in the syllabus) not to return exams (and other graded material) to the possession of students, as long as the Instructor of Record provides reasonable access of students to their exams (and other graded material) during at least one regularly scheduled class meeting. [SREC: 1/23/2012]

[See 6.1.2 on documenting this information in a course syllabus.]