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Withdrawals initiated after the last day of classes for the semester are governed by this rule. [US: 12/8/97; US: 4/12/99]  Requirements

Typically, a student may withdraw from a given semester only if the withdrawal is from all classes. Advisors should discourage the submission of requests for partial withdrawals. In the exceptional circumstance that a student submits a request for a partial retroactive withdrawal, the criteria to grant such an unusual request shall be higher than for a more ordinary full withdrawal. For a request for partial withdrawal to be facially sustainable, the student statement must clearly explain why the circumstances that merit the withdrawal were limited to only a few courses. [US: 12/14/2020]

  • *           If a student submits a request to the Senate’s Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Committee (SRWAC) for retroactive withdrawal from a single course, and that request is denied by the SRWAC, the student retains a standing to then submit a different request to the SRWAC for retroactive withdrawal from all classes. The act of submission of the second request does not constitute an improper ‘appeal’ to the SRWAC of the SRWAC’s prior decision. [SREC: 6/8/2006]

A grade assigned as a result of an academic offence may be changed to a W only by a petition to the University Appeals Board and only after a retroactive withdrawal for the semester in which the grade was assigned is granted. In evaluating such a petition, the student must demonstrate that the hardships enumerated in item (4) below also resulted in the academic offense in a manner that the student’s culpability is severely diminished as a result. [US: 4/10/2006; SC: 2/24/2020]

The SRWAC may consider petitions to withdraw only from a semester in which all grades are final. It may not consider withdrawal from a course for which the current grade is an I, or otherwise incomplete. Students with I grades for courses in the semester for which they are seeking a retroactive withdrawal should work with faculty members to change the I grade to a letter grade before seeking the retroactive withdrawal. [US: 12/14/2020]

Requests for retroactive withdrawals shall be made of the Dean of the college in which the student was enrolled at the time the classes were taken. Students classified as Undeclared at the time the classes were taken may request a retroactive withdrawal of the Dean of their current College, the College where they last attended, or the College where they plan to attend. The complete request shall be made before a student has graduated and not later than two calendar years from the last day of classes for the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. The fully complete request shall be submitted using the University Senate Retroactive Withdrawal Application, which includes a form on which an instructor can offer feedback, along with the documentation required by the University Senate as described on that form ( [US: 4/9/07; 5/7/2007; 12/14/2020]

  • *           “Two calendar years” means two consecutive periods of 365 days (or 366 if leap year) from the last day of classes for the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. [SREC: 5/19/2009]

Retroactive withdrawals may be granted only when the student has demonstrated satisfactory evidence that the student has incurred:

  1. a serious injury or illness;
  2. serious personal or family problems;
  3. serious financial difficulties; or
  4. permanent disability verified by the Disability Resource Center and diagnosed after the semester for which the withdrawal is requested.

Retroactive withdrawal from a class in which an XE or XF has been imposed shall not be granted.  Procedure

To the extent possible, the following procedures shall be uniform throughout the University:  Effect of a Hold

The presence of a hold on a student’s record shall have no effect on the submission, receipt, transmission, or review of an appeal for a retroactive withdrawal. [US: 5/7/2007]  Action by the Dean

The Dean shall recommend approval or disapproval of the request and shall forward the recommendation to the SRWAC, normally within 30 days of receipt of the petition and all supporting documentation. It is within the purview of the Dean to waive the requirement that a student must submit an Instructor Feedback Form(s) for reasons such as unavailability of the instructor or hardship on the student. If the Dean waives the submission of the Instructor Feedback Form(s), the justification must be included in the Dean’s letter recommending approval or disapproval of the retroactive withdrawal appeal. [US: 5/7/07; US: 5/8/2008]  Action by the SRWAC

The SRWAC shall rule on the request, normally 30 days from receipt of the petition and all supporting documentation from the Dean. Students shall have the right to appear in person before the Committee to present their requests and shall have the right to be represented by an attorney or other designated individual. If the SRWAC votes to approve the student's request based on its review of the file, then the student's personal appearance shall be unnecessary. [US: 12/14/2020]

The SRWAC shall forward all approved requests to the Office of University Registrar for implementation.

The SRWAC shall forward a copy of its decision - whether the request was approved or not - to the Dean of the student’s current college and to the Dean of the College in which the student was enrolled at the time of the retroactive withdrawal, if different from the current college. The Dean of the student’s current college shall notify the student and Instructors of Record of the SRWAC’s decision.

  • *           There is no provision in the retroactive withdrawal process prescribed in the Senate Rules for a dean to block, overturn, or appeal a SRWAC decision. [SREC: 4/14/2006]
  • *           There is no 'cause of action' within the Senate Rules for appeal of the SRWAC’s decision to either an administrator or to another University committee, except if the student attempts to make a case that the SRWAC's actions had constituted a violation of the academic "rights" of the student. In such a case, the cognizant entity to receive and entertain such an appeal is the University Appeals Board (see SR [SREC: 4/14/2006]