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[US: 5/7/2007]

A student may withdraw from a class, or from the University, after the withdrawal period in SR but through the last day of classes for the academic term upon approval by the dean of the student's college of a petition certifying urgent non-academic reasons including but not limited to:

  1. Illness or injury of the student;
  2. Serious: personal or family problems;
  3. Serious financial difficulties; or
  4. Having excused absences for the dates and times associated with more than one-fifth of the required interactions in a course, pursuant to SR [SREC: 11/20/87; US: 2/12/2018]
  • *           The “last day of classes” refers to the date (given on the Registrar’s website), which was approved by the University Senate, not the last day that an individual class met. [SREC: 5/13/2016] 
  • *           “Required interactions” (SR, SR, and SR 9.1) are interactions that, if not completed at or by their specified date and time, would penalize a student in a course. Interactions may include, but are not limited to, student engagement with other students (e.g., participating in an in-class or online discussion), engagement with the instructor (e.g., attending class), or engagement with an instructor’s proxy (e.g., attending a guest lecture or uploading a file to the course management system). [US: 2/12/2018]

Before acting on such a petition, the dean will consult with the Instructor of Record of the class. The dean may not delegate the authority to approve or deny a petition to withdraw to the University Registrar or to any other agency external to their college. If such a petition is approved by the dean of the student's college, the dean shall inform in writing the Instructor of Record of the class of their action, and the student shall be assigned a grade of “W.” [US: 9/10/79; revised US: 4/11/83]