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Undergraduate students above the freshman level and not on academic probation may select a maximum of four (4) elective courses, with certain restrictions, to be taken on a pass/fail basis. Students in the Honors curricular program above the freshman level may, with advance written approval of the associate dean of the Honors College, select additional elective courses to be taken on a pass/fail basis. Credit hours successfully completed under this option shall count toward graduation but shall not be used in calculating GPA. [US: 5/6/2019]

Courses taken on a pass/fail basis (including transfer courses) shall be limited to those considered as elective in the student's program and such other courses or types of courses as might be specifically approved by the Senate Council for a college or department. Prerequisites for such courses may be waived with the consent of the Instructor of Record. Students are expected to participate fully in these courses and to take all examinations. Any student may change his or her grading option (pass/fail to letter grade or letter grade to pass/fail; credit to audit or audit to credit) within three (3) weeks from the beginning of classes in the fall or spring semester (or a proportionate amount of time in the summer session or other courses of less than a full semester's duration). After such time, a student may not change his or her grading option without the express approval of the student’s academic dean or the dean’s designee. The waiver and the rationale for the waiver must be documented in the student’s record in the college. [US: 12/11/2000]

Courses offered only on pass/fail shall not be included in the maximum number of elective courses which a student may take under these provisions. (See SR  on special examination for procedures on pass/fail available under that option.)

The Instructor of Record shall not be notified by the Office of the University Registrar or by any other office of the University of those students who are taking the course pass/fail. However, if an Instructor of Record is also the student’s designated academic advisor, then the Instructor of Record shall have access to a student’s pass/fail status in a course for the purpose of advising the student. The Instructor of Record shall submit a regular letter grade to the Registrar's Office which will take the appropriate action to change the grade into pass/fail grading track for records. Neither a grade of P nor a grade of F shall be taken into consideration in calculating a student's GPA, except as provided in SR [US: 9/13/76; 9/10/2018]

Giving a pass/fail credit for AP tests and for CLEP tests does not mean that students may elect to take a required course for pass/fail. If the student elects to take the course they must get a letter grade to satisfy the USP requirements. 

A student pursuing a second bachelor’s degree under Rule is not entitled to take additional courses on a pass/fail basis except as the associate dean of the Honors College might permit. [SREC: 5/15/2007; US: 5/6/2019]