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University-wide Navigation Consideration of affected students

Students whose access to required course offerings are adversely affected by academic reorganization should be afforded reasonable opportunities to complete their required course work either at this institution or through cooperative arrangements and transfer of credit from other colleges and universities both within and outside Kentucky. Consideration of affected faculty

Tenured and tenure track faculty, including full time Instructors, on lines in programs that are discontinued or transferred shall be reassigned to teaching, research, extension, clinical, librarian or service activities in related academic programs or educational units or to administrative duties (if they are qualified for the position and where the need exists for such duties), in accordance with Governing Regulation X.B.1.e, and X.B.1.f, and while maintaining or increasing their current salary. Similar consideration shall be accorded lecturers who have accumulated more than seven years continuous full-time service. Reestablishment of eliminated program or unit

In no instance shall an eliminated academic program or educational unit be re-established at the University within two years without offering reappointment to all former faculty members whose academic appointments with the University had been affected thereby for reasons of financial exigency.