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5.1.4 AUDIT

Students who register for an audit do so for reasons other than fulfilling explicit requirements. They must come to individual agreements with the instructor as to what responsibilities they will be expected to perform. Normally, students who audit would be expected to do the readings and attend class; they may be required to enter more fully into the class work. In any case, they will receive no credit hours or grades.

Any change from audit to credit or credit to audit by a student regularly enrolled in a college must be accomplished within three (3) weeks from the beginning of classes in the Fall or Spring Semester (or a proportionate amount of time in the Summer Session or other courses of less than a full semester's duration). No credit can be conferred for a class audited nor is a student permitted to take an examination for credit, except for the special examinations.

A student who initially enrolls in a class as an auditor must attend at least 80% of the classes in the course (excluding excused absences). If a student changes their enrollment from credit to audit, they must attend at least 80% of the remaining classes (excluding excused absences). If an auditor fails to attend the required number of classes, the Instructor of Record may request that the dean of the instructor's college award the grade of “W” for that course. The dean shall report the grade to the Office of the University Registrar. For situations in which both the course and Instructor of Record are housed outside of a college, the Provost will appoint an officer to act as the responsible dean of the course. No instructor is authorized to admit anyone as an auditor to any of their classes unless the auditor has registered as such.